Horses ground me. Even though I have a horse of my own, I’m blessed to keep Sir in a barn, where over the past 17 years, I have been able to experience being around these beautiful animals of all sizes, shapes and temperaments. When my energy is ragged and unsettled, spending a few hours at the barn doing nothing more than sitting on the picnic table or walking in the pasture is the best therapy.

I’m lucky enough to be certified in several equine massage therapies allowing me to give back to these equines who give so much.

I’ve been owned by Sirs Image since he was 8 (1998) and he is soon to be 31 (2021). About 6 years ago (2014), I almost lost him when a hock injury developed a bacterial infection. He’s fully recovered.


It was a cool day and the horses were all in fine spirit. Not a great photo (above), but he’s putting a lot of weight on the left hind when for several months he could not put it down. It was the first time to see him run and play in 6 months.

Sir is the one with just his head showing (and yes he's swimming).
Sir is the one with just his head showing (and yes he’s swimming).

I intended to show a friend how Sir would, on his own, position himself so I could just slide on. Instead, he backed away, making me laugh. He was definitely telling me being a trick pony was an insult to his Arabian nature.

I’m laughing. Sir is telling me quite clearly that he is not a trick pony. I was trying to show a friend how he would position himself so I could slide on his back.



Sir was bred to be a gray by the breeders. He has about 90 percent gray in his 5-generation bloodline. Wasn’t until he turned about 22 he started to go gray. Prior to that the only white on him was the big star and a snip on his nose.

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