A reluctant goodbye


Took the Welsh girl to Boerne to visit two of my favorite places; The Nature Store and Bear Moon Bakery Cafe. I bought a squirrel baffle at the Nature store and ogled at the preserved butterfly wing earrings. We spent most of our time in the children’s room.

Lunch was at Bear Moon. Great coffee and lunch was simple and tasty. The Welsh girl was back on the vegetarian wagon with an avocado-mushroom-salad sandwich.

In San Antonio, we wasted time trying to post our Wales-bound postcard at Office Depot. They only do domestic mail. The Welsh girl wanted a Texas postmark and I promised to get them mailed Monday.

So at the airport, I hugged her goodbye, wished her well and missed her as soon as I got back in the car.

We were too busy for her to give me a Welsh lesson or translate the Welsh in a previous post, but I now have a standard Welsh dictionary and a visit to plan for next fall.

Thanks for the visit. Comments are always read, appreciated and responded to..

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