Climbing and shopping

The morning was spent in the Hill Country Natural area. This was my first time in the park since they changed from numbered trails to named trails. I always thought the numbers would be easier to remember. That thought was contradicted by a young man who asked if we needed help after we bumbled past his van in the campground. We had retraced our steps three times on what we thought was the trail taking us to the West Peak Overlook. (That added .72 miles to the total hike.) He thought the named trail were easier to remember and less confusing.For him, probably. For me, well, I’ll get used to it.

He redirected us to another trail, which we took and it was more climbing. We only passed one riding group.


The Welsh girl was thrilled with the wildness and the expansive view, so she had to get this.


Me on the trail. I have no idea what I’m pointing at.

Then we arrived at the climb that would take us to the overlook.

to the peak

And we discovered this was only a third of the climb. The trail continued up to the right.

We made it!


The view was worth the climb. After soaking in the view and lots of water, we made our way back to the car and showers.

Then lunch at Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ. A great introduction to Texas bbq for the Welsh girl: coleslaw, sausage, chopped meat and peach cobbler. All delicious and we left full and satisfied.

The Welsh girl had made a request to go to a bookstore. So it was on to Barnes & Noble. After buying two books from the 50 she wanted and a grande coffee frappuccino, I took the Welsh girl to Pier 1 to replace a plate I had broken. She was quite enamored by the place and products.

H.E.B was the next stop. Astound by the choices of the same product, she had to take a phone photo of the number of peanut butter variations: cinnamon, chocolate, hazelnut, etc. and the many brands.

After a stop at Half-Price Books and getting gas it was back to Bandera for leftovers, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and making a blueberry ginger loaf for breakfast.

Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to the Welsh girl.

Thanks for the visit. Comments are always read, appreciated and responded to..

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