Finding water and no paddle

The Welsh girl wanted to spend the morning with horses. (We decided not to ride and would hike to the overlook at the Natural Area State Park.) I promised to teach her to do the bladder meridian and Sir was her client.

After I did one side, she took over on the other side. She was thrilled to see Sir respond and release. When she completed the meridian, Sir was quite adamant that he was through by bumping me with his nose. Once released, he trotted out of the corral. I took the Welsh girl out to meet some of the other horses and Sir joined us. (When he found a patch of tender grass, he left us.)


I introduced her to all the horses and we continued on in the pasture starting up a conversation about snakes. We mutually decided to leave the tall grass and get on our way to Tarpley for lunch at Mac and Ernie’s.

The Welsh girl got excited about getting some Snapple for the trip. I asked her later if she could get it in the U.K. She said it was hard to find but some stores carried it in the “exotic” foods aisle.

At Mac and Ernie’s (about 14 miles west of Bandera), the Welsh girl ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. “It was worth it. I’m not back on the vegetarian wagon, yet.” I had the red deer burger, also worth it.

When I asked the woman at the counter if the drink was included in the price, she said, “This isn’t Whataburger.”

“Water burger?” the Welsh girl said.

“No, what-a-burger. It’s like Burger King or McDonalds. It’s a Texas institution.” I answered.

It was iced tea for me and hot coffee that had to be brewed for the Welsh girl.

It was about 34 miles to Garner State Park. We had hoped to rent a paddle boat to take out into the Frio River, but the contract service was not open. It’s a busy park and they were expecting to fill up by evening for the weekend. It’s a beautiful park, but we had no desire to stay there to see it fill up.


These blow-up rafts looked like fun.

Frio River

As I said it was beautiful and the water was clear.

clear water

As I said clear water. And well-established cypress. This one was still living despite the huge hole.


We decided to try one of the shorter trails, but found out it was “shorter” because it went up.

looking back trail

We had already climbed a bit and then stared at the rest of the trail.

ohno path

There was no end in sight AND we would have to come back down. With plans to make the scenic overlook as the Hill Country State Natural Area, we decided to just take photos and make our way back to Bandera.

The Welsh girl needed batteries for her camera and when we entered the grocery store, she exclaimed, “What are they? Watermelon? They’re HUGE!”

“Well, they do say, ‘super-sized’ ” They were huge. More gourd shaped and larger than any watermelon I have seen, but I just had to say, “It is Texas afterall.”

Welsh girl here: Byth yn fy mywyd rwdi i wedi gweld lle mor anferth a Texas. Mae o’n jest mynd ymlaen, ac ymlaen, am byth. Rwyf wrth fy modd yma, ac wedi gweld llawer o beth sydd ar gael yn yr ardal. Mae fy amser yma yn mynd yn gymflymach nac oni eisio, ond mae o yn barod wedi bod yn amser diddorol iawn. Byddai edrych ymlaen at dod yn ôl yn y dyfodol. 

And I’m looking forward to having you back again, if you’re not willing to just stay in Texas.

Addendum: The Welsh girl was chopping leeks for our dinner and I commented on how chunky they were. She replied, “It’s gung-ho style cooking.” In honor of her mum…

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