Enchanted Rock

After a breakfast of egg and cheese burritos (using the tortillas brought from Rosarios), we took Sassy for a walk.


That was followed up with a visit with my horse Sir and then we headed out to Enchanted Rock, a huge dome of granite. (You can read about its formation and structure here.)

While trying to get on the right trail to reach the top of the main dome we came across this little guy who closely matched the granite rock and would waggle his tail showing the black and white underside. (ID: Texas Greater Earless lizard wagging its tail to distract its pursuers — us.)


The Welsh girl commented on how hot it was and I would say she is lucky. Weather this time in September is usually much, much hotter. We made it to the top (and I swear the dome was higher than the last time I climbed it) a bit out of breath and sweating. The view was spectacular.

enchanted rock

See the little specks at the top? That’s people and where we planned to be.

After a few catch-our-breath-and-water breaks we made it to the top and were awed by the views.

enchanted rock 2

enchanted rock3

The red roofed building in the distance is where we started our walk. Getting back down we made our way to Fredericksburg and a late lunch at a place called Culture. The Welsh girl had a strawberry daquiri and we both had a veggie chicken wrap. The vegetarian broke her meat fast. And may do it again.

After lunch, we went back to Kerrville and then to Ingram with the idea of going to a farmer’s market art festival. We didn’t stay long at the festival and moved on to find this in Ingram.


Stonehenge II (Story here) It has 90 percent of the width and 60 percent of the height. It’s made of concrete with metal supporting wires. The Easter island figure was made by the same man and are displayed on the grounds of the Ingram arts buildings.

altar welsh

The inside has an altar stone.

So on back to Bandera to relax, shower and eat. (I had laundry to do.)

The night’s meal was a quick tomato pizza meal with Vouvray wine. (“Simple, good food,” says the Welsh girl. And she’s back on the vegetarian wagon.)


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