Saying goodbye

Dolbadarn from a different angle

Today I left Llanberis for Dublin on my way back to San Antonio. I’m already homesick. Except that I kept dropping things and left my debit/credit card in the reader (I got it back), the trip back was uneventful.

In Dublin, the Holiday Inn Express has nice rooms (my only complaint . . . no outlet in the bathroom), and it’s a fairly new hotel near a large park. So, I took a nice long walk. With a free shuttle to the airport it meant my one night needs.

I have a few things I’ve learned this trip:

* Never schedule a vacation over a holiday, in this case, Easter (unless you like crowds,   fighting traffic on narrow village streets and hunting for scarce parking.)

* I simply cannot pronounce Rhiw unless I here someone say it and I repeat it 10 times. And I still make people laugh with my pronunciations. (I do a decent job at the ll and ch sounds — at least I don’t get laughed at. Pwllheli was quite difficult. “W” is sort of an “oo” sound and when combined with “ll” near impossible.)

* I’ve become quite competent handling one-track roads, roundabouts and understanding the traffic signage.

* It’s worth the extra cost getting a car with automatic rather than standard driving.

* 4-lane highways are 70 unless other wise designated. There are no signs to tell you this.

* Lighted streets are 40 unless designated as 30, or 20 for a school zone. Usually there is one sign indicating the change, rarely any more warnings.

* There may be a lighted warning of the speed camera reminding you to slow down. (On the pavement is huge 2 line letters “ARAF SLOW” just before the reduced speed sign.)

* Two-lane/country roads are 60. Except where designated slower. This is also not posted.

* For traffic speed violations you may be stopped by a patrol, but more than likely it will show up on your rental charges without you knowing is was caught on camera.

* Coming across a traffic sign warning me there were “No more cats eyes.” Had me stumped. So I looked it up once I quite driving and had a WiFi connection: Cats eyes are the lighted reflectors on the dividing line in the road.

* Clamping (a sign near a parking lot) is locking the wheels for a parking violation.

There’s more, but they slip my mind.

Thanks for the visit. Comments are always read, appreciated and responded to..

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