Inside Snowdonia

Slept in today. Didn’t realized I was so exhausted (two cider half pints weren’t helpful).

At 11 I was up and looking for a place to have breakfast since I missed the Inn’s. Every place was packed with hikers who weren’t hiking because of the rain. I walked the length of High Street and decided to just take a longer walk.

Dolbadarn Castle still guards the pass.

I went by my castle. It was rainy and overcast, but the gorse (the yellow flowering bush) was blooming and everything was so green.

The slate fence was for the park’s aesthetic. It wasn’t meant to keep anything in or out.

You can walk the entire perimeter of Llyn (lake) Padarn. I didn’t, but I enjoyed the bit I walked even as it drizzled.

I ended the walk at the craft center cafe near the Inn where I was staying. I grabbed a snack — tea, Welsh cakes and a slice of bara brith. The cafe had few patrons, probably because it was a bit more expensive.

I had not made any specific travel plans, so I decided to go to Rachub to see if Sally was home. She was and we had tea (of course) and talk. We talked some about her daughter Catherine’s plans to come to Bandera in September for a couple of days. I’m looking forward to playing tour guide.

When we parted, I had to figure out what to do with my last day in Wales. Beddgelert was where I had initially wanted to go yesterday, so to Beddgelert, deep in Snowdonia, I went.

Even with the overcast, rainy weather, the colors were bright on the way to Beddgelert

It was a beautiful drive even if I didn’t get to visit the town except to drive through. Again, no parking. Even though I was hungry, I did not want to park a mile out of town and walk back.

About three miles out of Beddgelert, I actually found parking at the Red Dragon Holidays, which had a cafe and I ordered this:

Lamb burger with feta cheese and tzatziki sauce, accompanied by crispy chunky fries. The catsup in the tomato container is homemade. And an elderflower drink. Yum!

The coffee chocolate sponge cake slice I took back to Llanberis for later was delicious.

The drive to and from Beddgelert was along the side of the mountains and squeezed to a narrow lane and maybe a half. Driving was a little tense in some areas, but the scenery was incredible. Occasionally there was parking on the side of the road and a few parking areas. Usually these were use daily by hikers to park and hike on the paths indicated by the numerous walking person signs.

This needs to be huge to give the impact of actually being there. I am standing at the head of a trail that goes to the gorse (the yellow) and heads downward. Where the mountain on the left dips down, Beddgelert is at the bottom.

Tomorrow it’s back to the ferry, Dublin and home . . . work.

Thanks for the visit. Comments are always read, appreciated and responded to..

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