Stanley cooker

I’m not a vegetarian, but Tim and Janette are. So my evening meal was always vegetarian at Bryn Moel. It’s been quite interesting and surprisingly good food.

Some time ago, Tim decided that he didn’t like the way pigs were slaughtered at the time and decided to eat vegetarian. Janette thought it was a good idea. Laws have changed since then in the U.K. and slaughter follows strict humane guidelines. They remained vegetarians.

I wanted to contribute to an evening meal and made a lentil dish. I cooked on this:

This Stanley is an oil cooker. It serves triple duty for it also heats the house and the hot water

It was a lot of adjusting. The burners really don’t have any controls. First I had to pour boiling water over the rice and lentils (separate pots) then place them on the  burners shown below (both lids had to be open to accommodate the pots). Then everything was mixed in one pot and cooked over the burners.

DSC_0414With Janette’s coaching, I ended up with a decent meal.

Several days later, noting I needed to use an avocado soon and seeing Janette was having a long day, I told her I’d make a nacho casserole. I went shopping for what she didn’t have and made some quacamole. I put Tortilla chips on the bottom, topped with cheese, then topped with kidney beans, chick peas and refried beans. Then I repeated the layers, topped that with salsa and crushed tortillas. Stuck all that in the oven. And just had to wait until the cheese had melted. Came out quite tasty.

I don’t know how she does it, but she bakes pretty tasty cakes in that oven. The oven has some temperature control, but it’s not real precise. I guess it’s all what you get use to.

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