No mucking today

Janette’s chiropractic clients. Their owner intends to show the one closest to the camera. Both are newly purchased and come from old Scottish bloodlines.

Got the day — the whole day — off. Janette is a licensed chiropractor for humans and horses. So I was invited to go along to her appointment to work on two Shetland ponies. And I said yes, of course.

We stopped here first.

Our first stop was a favorite of Janette’s. The merchandise was eclectic and included the owner’s woodfinishing and woodworking pieces. And the dragon was for sale.

We headed out for Tywyn to a small holding where the ponies have this view.


Afterwards we had tea and cake in front of the farmhouse. It was turning out to be a spectacular day.

Tea and fresh sponge cake with a raspberry jam filling was enjoyed. Janette’s Aunt Pam (center) came along for the ride.

Tywyn is on the beach and when the day is nice people flock to the beach. With it being Friday and the weekend having a bright, warm (67 degrees) forecast, this is going to be a busy area.

The promenade in Tywyn. It’s low tide. At high tide, the water comes up to the promenade.

We took a short detour to Aberdovey. Where Tywyn is decidedly Welsh village, Aberdovey has a Victorian flavor.


From Aberdovey, we headed back to Bryn Moel and went through Bala, a popular tourist spot. Lake Bala, another deep glacial lake is a particular attraction.




And on to Bryn Moel.


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