Mucking and lamb dinner

Meet the youngest member of Bryn Moel, Humphrey, as he is affectionately called, is about three weeks old. While I was  giving the mare some grooming attention, Humphrey was nibbling my jacket and kneeing me adorably.

Picked up a lot of poo today (and will tomorrow and the next day and so on …); baptized my new waterproof Ariat boots with Welsh mud (they did well); Cowboy Tim  work with an owner and her Welsh pony who has the attention span of a gnat  (the horse is staying here in what Tim calls boot camp); held horses, opened gates while the other two guests of Bryn Moel worked with their horses; swept stalls and the walkway to make them pristine; then went to dinner at the community inn, lamb shoulder and “shiny” sauce, parsnip and potato mash and peas (all delicious) and wine. It was a full day.

More Humphrey:


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