Movin’ on

Today I left Rachub to go to a horse barn near Ruthin. It was only going to take about an hour to get there, so after I got packed, checked and rechecked to make sure I didn’t leave anything, and talked to the cute, young Welsh guy who showed up to get the apartment ready for the next guest (and he took my luggage to the car), I hit the road.

Wales is even more beautiful on a sunny day. I headed out on the A5 to have tea and a scone at Ty Hyll, the Ugly house and then to Betws y Coed.


I spent a little time in Betws y Coed, looking for something to help my blistered heel and visiting the potter I always visit. I figured that any place that catered to hikers and climbers dealt with blisters. At one shop all they had were the socks that helped not get the blisters in the first place, so I bought a pair. The second shop was out of a gel you could apply to protect it, and Londis, a small grocery had a tape I could use.

i had planned to stop at a favorite chocolate shop in Pentrefoelas. I did and it was closed! I did check the long list of open/close times and dates. I’ll just have to catch it on the way back.

Arriving at Bryn Moel, I was show my nice accommodations, introduced to a couple who were staying a couple of days, watched the Welsh cowboy ride a horse brought to him with some issues, climbed three gates in order to check on some horses and had a very tasty supper, great conversation and a Coors light beer (haven’t drank that since I was 18).

Tim, the Welsh cowboy, and his wife ride western and show across Europe. Evidently they do quite well given the number of trophies and ribbons. Tim trains horses and riders; and has a western riding club. Here’s the logo:

Dragon Western Riding Club

So, I’ll see what tomorrow brings.




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