Rhaeadr Fawr

The blister felt okay this morning. Didn’t even feel sore. So I applied the moleskin and hoped it would be okay. The sun was going to visit for a while and Rhaeadr Fawr (Aber Falls) was on the day’s agenda.

Dave was working in the garden when I left. He warned me about the one track road from the village Abergwyngegyn to the falls car park. This meant if you meet a car on the road, one of you have to back up until one can pass. And the regular roads in the village were tight. No sidewalks or shoulder and walls lined the way. The one track road had some one car bridges and blind curves, but I made it there easily — no confrontations. Got the car parked and the parking ticket in the window and headed down the well-defined trail.

Dave and Catherine had both commented: “It’s an easy walk, no problem.” It’s 2.5 miles to the falls on an uphill grade. As I entered the gate, I kept thinking that at least  it was down hill coming back.

After a short walk this bridge crosses the Aber (river) Rhaeadr Fawr to to main trail.
The well-defined trail winds through the Aber Valley.
Mossy tree
Moss gives the woods an aged look. But it’s the lichen that tells how old the trees are.
The falls can be heard before you see them.
The photo doesn’t do it justice
Better perspective.

On the way back down the trail I could feel my blister again. Once back to the car, I headed to the village without meeting another car. I stopped at Caffi y Hen Felin, very clean, small cafe in Abergwyngegyn. I had my first taste of elderflower, yum, and a cream cheese, cranberry jelly and “bacon” panini. Bacon was what I would call Canadian bacon. I expected crispy bits, but I found out later from Sally that our version of bacon is called “streaked” bacon. The cafe had a supply of baked goods so I took the last piece of carrot cake and a cheese/herb scone to the apartment.

So now it’s washing and packing so I can be out of here by 11 a.m. I’ll be on the other side of the mountains near or in the Clwydian Range for the next ten days at a horse barn with time off to explore.



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