Meeting an artist and sunshine

Ray Keats
Ray Keats has turned the front window into an art gallery. During Christmas her window was a local attraction when she did the 12 days of Christmas — one each day. Her style is eclectic and changes with the subjects and her mood. The colorful paintings in the window are the result of brain scans she did as a volunteer at a university.

While contemplating a blister on my heel the size of a 50p piece (half-dollar size), my neighbor came by to take me to meet a local artist, Ray Keats. What a delightful woman! I was sat in front of a large window for an incredible view of the mountain behind Bethesda and given tea, of course. Unfortunately, I forgot I had taken my memory card out of my camera and wasn’t willing to stop the conversation to go get it. It will just have to stay as a memory.

Sally and Ray gossiped a bit and shared the Welsh custom of distinguishing among people with the same names. In this case it was Malcolm. There’s Malcolm sex and violence (because he said he was writing a book on the subject — it stuck) and Malcolm ne’r-do-well and Mad Malcolm.

We had to leave too soon.

I put some moleskin on my blister and finalized my day. The rest of my day was to be spent in travelling down the Llŷn Penninsula to the fishing hamlet of Porthdinllaen near Morfa Nefyn. The peninsula was uncharted territory for me so I set the GPS and headed out. It was beautiful. On the best parts of the drive, there was no place to pull over and snap pictures. In one area, 10-foot rock walls lined a barely two-car, winding road with no shoulder (no-shoulder roads are the norm here) and the trees on both sides formed a canopy. At one point, wisteria was part of the canopy. No photos. I was well out of the area before there was any place to pull over.

I had planned to eat lunch/dinner at a pub, Ty Goch, that was only reachable by a 20-minute walk to a golf club parking lot and inbetween fairways. (Residents of the hamlet could drive.) Signs warn walkers to keep an eye on golf balls. Not many golfers, which was a surprise. Now having attempted the game I found this astounding …

Water hazard
This is right in front of the tee. (My camera settings were wrong so it came out a bit flashed.)

And this what the golfer sees from the tee.

Golf Moelfre
One golfer’s reaction to the view, “I just don’t want to hit that bloody hole.”

When I made it down to the beach and pub, I was too late for a meal (website said until 4:30; it was 2:30, evidently it was still considered the low season) and the narrow strip of beach by the pub was packed.

Ty Coch
The crowd was around the pub. The rest of the beach had much fewer people.

I wandered down the beach and a fishing boat was being unloaded. To do this they had to take a motorized raft to the boat, load the raft, bring in the cargo and unload.

Going out


It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place.



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