A Day in the mountains

Start of the Miners’ Track and so named because of the copper mining. The entrance gate was designed to represent the trail and the mountain scenery.
Starting out
The sun was breaking through the clouds when we started.

Today was hiking one of the trails that lead to the Snowdon summit. The summit wasn’t our goal, walking and experiencing the scenery was.

We got a late start waiting for Catherine’s friend, Jem who was coming up from southern England. The rain stayed away (for the first time in 3 days), although the clouds hung around. I took the gate shot at the end, but it does show where we started from.


Waterfalls fed into the glacial lakes.
Copper crushing
Looking back on the trail. The ruins are part of a copper crushing station.
Stopping point
The large boulder trail marked were the trail took a definite angle higher. We took the trail to the next curve and called it quits. The trail curve to the right then to the left. Just off center to the left, shrouded in a dropping fog is Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon).
Heading back
Heading back to the car park. The structure to the right is a remnant of the copper mining operation in the 1800s.
Llyn Llydaw
Looking over Llŷn Llydaw. The setting sun is setting a light on a distant mountain.

Back at the apartment, we gathered for a taco party at my place and talked about the state of the world. If I ever moved here, I would have to learn how to make tortillas and make my own salsa. The only available “Mexican” products were Old El Paso, which hardly match the homemade tortillas and salsa choices in San Antonio.






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