Note to self …

Spring came early to the little garden in front of the apartment. A small pond with waterfall is in the background.

Note to self: No more than a half pint of cider per day, especially when not getting enough rest.

Woke up this morning with a headache. Medicated it and got ready to make a trip to Bangor. Didn’t make it. Was so lightheaded, I didn’t think it would be safe driving and before I could consider just taking the bus in, I crawled back into bed. So I have no fabulous scenery or adventures to share.

But, I needed the rest. Sally (my landlady) dropped by later with a hair dryer and plans for Saturday (we’re planning a taco bar dinner). Seems her daughter wants to take us with her friend on a hike up Snowdon Saturday.

(Sound of clapping hands and whooping)

Taking one of the back trails up the mountain had been a goal, but after I hurt my knee, that dream was dashed. I can get up the steep stairs in the apartment but walking a long upward grade may be beyond my stamina. I figure walking as far as I can is enough for me right now.  Sally wasn’t keen on making the summit, so proposed we can go as far as we want then return to the little cafe at the trail’s beginning to wait for her daughter’s return.

So I missed one relatively sunny day of exploring. I did get the watercolors out (and discovered I left my good brushes, but I do have my water brushes) and attempted to do some flowers in the garden.

Hmmmm first attempt, think I’ll keep trying.

Tomorrow: Bangor. I left my raincoat in the back of my car in San Antonio. So I’ll be visiting a place called Trespass to find that necessary warm, water repellant layer, then heading out to Betws y Coed to a potter  then to Trefriw to buy a large blanket and to Bodnant Gardens. At least that’s the plan …


Thanks for the visit. Comments are always read, appreciated and responded to..

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