Life’s little gotchas

cropped-image17.jpgI had been feeling anxious for a couple of days. No reason why. I should be getting progressively more excited. I’m going back to Wales.

Should have checked my last email from Expedia received Friday afternoon. It was just my itinerary, which I already had. No notice of the change of my scheduled flight from SA to 6 a.m. instead of 1:45 p.m.

So as scheduled, I obliviously arrived at the airport, thanks to the ever-generous friend, Karen D., ready to settle in for an expected 4-hour wait.

Of course, my confirmation number didn’t work. But a helpful United assistant got me rescheduled so I could make my connecting flight to Dublin in Chicago. Now I have to go to Houston, then on to Chicago.

Silver lining: A 6 a.m. flight to Chicago after a night shift and then almost 12-hour wait in Chicago? No, thank you, even if it meant a possible visit with my brother and his wife so they could watch me nod off. I’m much more alert. Less wait time in San Antonio and Chicago, and I got TSA PreCheck, so simple. No shoes off. No liquid check. No body X-ray. SWEET!

The really sweet thing is I’m on my way to Wales: beautiful, mystical landscapes, cream teas, fish, castles, lots o’ trails, Welsh cakes, interesting villages, fascinating history and language.



One thought on “Life’s little gotchas

  1. Was that flight rescheduled later or earlier? Couldn’t quite be sure although it sounded like it was moved later. Glad you are on your way. Hope that is the rockiest part of your trip.

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