A restful day

The daffodils are blooming everywhere
The daffodils are blooming everywhere

Yesterday was an unexpected catch-up day. The sun was out and I woke up sore. The walk to Jubilee Tower left its imprint on my hip joints and calves.

After a duck egg breakfast … (Big eggs with a tough shell)

Difference in size and the yolk is large in proportion to the white.
Difference in size and the yolk is large in proportion to the white.

I decided to walk almost to the A5 to walk a trail. It was overcast, but bright. My hips protested and about three-quarters of the way to the sign, there was a sharp pain on the outside of my left calf and a dull ache in the back.

I tried ignoring it, thinking it would work out. It got worse. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the tea from morning breakfast was announcing its impending exit. So I returned to retreat my pains, the legs with my essential oils. Evidently last night’s application wasn’t enough.

So, wanting to be able to walk later (several sunny days expected), I decided to go to Bethesda to try a restaurant Sally had suggested last year, Fitzpatrick’s. I dressed a bit better and drove into Bethesda. It was closed. Close by was the Douglas Arms. Closed. Aargh! There aren’t a lot of places in Bethesda to choose. So back to Rachub.

When I reached the stoop and stopped to talk to Dave, the overcast sky suddenly cleared and the sun shone brightly. I had just been telling him my woes and said, “see? I’m being told to stay.”

I had a pleasant ham and cheese sandwich with an alcoholic ginger beer (yum) outside on the porch.
The sun stayed out. I read one of the books I had purchased in Ruthin. When the sun disappeared for a bit and a cool breeze came up, I disappeared into the cottage and took a nap.

It evidently was what I needed. This morning I’m off for Llanberis for a walk in the sessile oak forest, a revisit to the slate museum and another walk with a bit of a climb.


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