Walking jubilee

I’m sitting in a small room with a blazing fire in the furnace and a hot tea in my hand. It has been an incredible day: a stay in a 1600s pub & inn, a climb up to Jubilee Tower, lunch at the Ruthin Craft Center and a wander around Ruthin.

The main building is from the 1600s, while the extension to the back and side were added on. There are only five rooms at the top of the narrow stairs. Mine was cozy, comfortable with its own bathroom.

I was the only overnight customer and not only did they keep the kitchen open late for me (serving a huge meal I couldn’t finish), but Huw (landlord, council man and multiple business owner) cooked me breakfast. He offered a Welsh breakfast, but I couldn’t manage a huge breakfast after the late dinner. Once I was satisfied, Huw left. He returned just as I was settling the bill. He had taken his dogs up and back Jubilee Tower in 50 minutes.

So I went to climb Moel Famau, the highest hill in the Clwyd range to the never-finished Jubilee Tower built for the golden Jubilee of George III. The morning was sunny, windy and nippy.

I was about halfway at this point. One and a half miles up.

Took me an hour and a half to reach the tower. The walk up was SO worth it the view was stupendous.


The distant white at the horizon is Snowdon or in Welsh, Yr Wyddfa.
Other scenes:



The dogs on the trail were so well behaved. Most were off lease and didn’t interact with strangers. The man in this photo had a large terrier, a Jack Russell and a spotted spaniel with beautiful black legs. The dogs crisscrossed the road and into the brush, but bothered no one and stayed close to the older man.

When I returned to the car, i made my way down the single track road and made my way to the Ruthin Craft Center for a delicious tomato basil soup and homemade bread. The craft center was a group of artist studios, education room, gallery and gift shop.

Leaving my car at the center, I went to explore Ruthin. There is a castle there – a manor home built on the ruins of a 12th century castle, now a hotel. The red sandstone in the area gives A different look to the buildings.

City walls at one end.

The older part of Ruthin is built on a hill. I made a comment about the steep streets to a man passing by and I ended up having a delightful conversation with a very distinguished 90-year-old man. I walked into a store and had a long conversation with the proprietor who gave me an impromptu Welsh lesson. His shop was a Welsh craft shop and it was one of th older buildings.





Before leaving Ruthin, I walked into this.



I walked out with half a dozen eggs and honey.

Leaving Ruthin I hoped to get a cup of the best hot chocolate I had ever tasted, a place I stopped at on my way to the workshop. This is what greeted me.


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