Four seasons of Wales


It snowed!
It snowed! Morning scene outside the cottage at Bryn Moel.

Haven’t seen snow for at least 10 years. Had to take a few photos before I scurried back to the warmth. The snow melted pretty quickly. Then it rained softly. The sun came out as the workshop got started. Then it snowed in a windy fury. The rest of the day sunshine and rain battled for dominance. The rain won out.

I’ve met some amazing people. Besides leading the Masterson Method workshop, Diane (who was certified with me) is a Chinese/Japanese translator and fluent in French and German. She lives in Geneva, but is American. Her assistant instructor is from Yorkshire. My roommate is a student in the course and is a policewoman in Glasgow. (But she’s Austrian, who also lived in Boston and thinks I’m funny because I don’t understand what she says in her Scot/German/Boston accent.) Besides the one from Scotland, students hailed from Wales, England, Czech Republic and Italy. Quite a mix.


And here I was in North Wales helping people work on Appaloosas. The owners have competed all over Europe and have collected a room on trophies and ribbons mostly in western competitions. Wonderful horses that taught us how to help them feel better.

Instructor Diane demonstrating the bladder meridian.
Instructor Diane demonstrating the bladder meridian.

The nearby village rescued the local pub from receivership and that’s where we had an excellent dinner. A local farmer was the cook (he also has a B&B on his farm) and the locals work the tables and the bar.


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