With my wallet in hand, I ended up in a taxi with a very gregarious, talkative driver who promptly ran the first red light. But no spinning lights in the rear window and I just made the 8:05 ferry.

The ferry ride was sideways bumpy. Much too frequently it would feel as though a large wave would slam into the side and another would answer on the other side. The captain slowed the ship down and a four-hour trip turn into 5 1/2.

At the Holyhead port, The soft-spoken Peter finished my paperwork for the rental car. Asking about the GPS cost (I had wanted it on the initial reservation) I opted out and considered stopping at a place he suggested to pick one up for about £50.

How surprised was I to discover the Nissan Note already had GPS! What a treat. And I arrived home.

The rain had stopped the clouds had lifted slightly for this photo and it doesn’t do justice to the scene. The road to the left is the lane to the cottage with one lane blocked by parked cars and trucks.

Made a quick trip to Bethesda for groceries (including welsh cakes), then a sandwich and headed down to the pub for a half pint of cider. The pub’s patrons are obviously winter weary. I didn’t know I was supposed to bring Texas weather with me and my answer to Texas temperatures was met with envious groans. I like the colder weather (but didn’t share this).

Now the sleeting weather that met me when leaving the pub wasn’t welcome. At least now I know my raincoat works quite well. Promise of more photos than text tomorrow…


7 thoughts on “Arrived!

    1. With the exception so one hard slam, I did not hear any reactions from the 1000+ passengers. After that slam the ship, the captain announced he was slowing down.

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