Walkin’ the walk . . .

Three of us get out and walk the River Walk on the lunch hour as often as we can. It’s a fast walk (3.6 – 4.0 miles per hour). What a relief it was to me (the less fit one) to take a break to enjoy the following sight.

First set of Mallard ducklings on the river. Can you find all seven?
Several ventured in the water, but stayed close to the shore.


A week or so ago, I finally made it to the Pearl Brewery, a new stretch of the River Walk called the Museum Reach. It goes by the Museum of Art and incorporates a number of artist projects. The Pearl, as a brewery, closed down in 2001 after 118 years and has a second life as a retail, school, residential community. I wanted to view and take photos, so the other two continued on without me.

First it was the hanging perch.


The bridges I went under had this cut, interlaced metal.


Across the river as I head toward the Pearl, was the Grotto created by concrete artist Carlos Cortés.



The larger bird is a cormorant. The smaller black bird is as of yet up identified. Mallards are common and at least one pair of red-shoulder hawks nest in a tree on our regular walk.


Finally I reach the Pearl. This is the backside of the Pearl.


The Grotto again


Museum of Art is housed in the old Lone Star Brewery buildings.


Hop storage


The walk ended up being 3.5 – 4 miles. Luckily there is some flexibility in my job. Slowing down to enjoy the walk made the day’s work more enjoyable.


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