Driving on excitement

I was close to my destination and I see my near-empty light blinking. I made it to the ranch and on my return, decided to play it safe and put a few gallons in at a tiny town halfway home. I had a bit of trouble with the gas pump.

I had forgotten how to deal with low-tech pumps. A man stepped out the door as I stared at the pump handle.

“Take the handle out and flip the lever back.”

“Oh. I remember now.”

“Just make sure you use the right one for payment. It’s easy to get confused.”

I had also forgotten about the noise the pump makes as it counts down. It was a rather pleasant dinging.

Doesn’t take much to amuse me.

This is the only gas station in this little town. It also functions as a market and came close to being closed not too long ago. But, it got a new coat of paint and new management.

The locals who have extra eggs now sell them there. Yeah! I’ll be there for eggs to be sure.

I love how the egg size and colors are not uniform. I get to pick and choose whatever one serves my purpose in a cooking moment.


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