Pippa and the bees

Finally, my internet problems have been fixed … maybe … I hope so. I’ve had to cope with a temperamental connection for almost 2 months. I’m so frustrated with a certain internet provider that I went out and bought a new modem/wireless router for more than it would cost to buy the provider’s “approved” hardware. At least I can move easily to a new provider. Enough of that — even spending the entire afternoon getting the new modem/router set up didn’t dim my good mood.

This morning I discovered my silverado sage covered with blooms and buzzing.


I could have stood there for hours watching and taking photos (and wishing for a micro lens). But I had to rush to take care of my ranch sitting responsibilities. It was a weekend responsibility on a ranch I haven’t been to for over a year. The young peacock is in full bloom and he has a mate. Pippa is a bit shy and definitely has her own beauty.


That’s about as close as she would let me get when I had the camera in my hand. Percy, the male, took a liking to my little gray car. He would not move away from it. Luckily no one saw me and Percy slowly dancing around as I tried to move him away from the car.


8 thoughts on “Pippa and the bees

  1. Welcome back, Janet. I have missed you. The frustrations of poor internet connections are very familiar to me – as you know, we live on the Edge of Nowhere and are always last in line for improvements – we’re still waiting! The silverado sage is a delight, especially with all the insects that it attracts, endlessly fascinating.

  2. I just got a new modem after having problems for a month or so. It is so frustrating!
    I guess we’re both “back in business”. The silverado sage is lovely. Your ranch-sitting job sounds very interesting.

    1. I discovered several people with the same service experienced a change about 5 weeks ago. I’m investigating alternatives. The sage seems to go into this glorious full bloom during the summer after it rains … And gets a buzz.

  3. Of course I LOOOOVE the bees photo. THat sage is beautiful. I’d never seen or heard of it before this post. The bees looks so happy. I know that my own garden-variety sage is very popular with honey bees.

    The peacocks are beautiful too!

    Internet woes are the worst!!

  4. The bees were quite ecstatic. I loved watching them burrow into the blossoms. There are other flowering sage around here, but I haven’t seen any bloom this thickly.

  5. Gosh…I have been having internet connection problems too. I finally got a straight DSL line to the house through a land line. It was so frustrating to post…many times taking 3 hours. I tried a wifi hot spot. What a joke for me in the country. Of course it worked in the city.

    1. I have a DSL line too. I had to sneak-read blogs at work (not often because of being busy) to try keeping up. Forget about commenting, took forever! The new modem/router is — cross my fingers and toes — working great!

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