Dublin daze

We said goodbye to Wales yesterday and took the train from Bangor to Holyhead to catch the ferry. We were met by one of our hosts from the B&B, Sinead. We were also joined by another guest from Oregon who was also heading back to the state (on the same flight).

The B&B was in Malahide, a Dublin suburb. Sinead took us to see Malahide Castle, parts of which were built in the 12th century and was in the Talbot family from 1185 to 1976. Now it’s part of a large park.


An abbey is on the grounds. The cemetery contains the graves of some of the Talbot family.

Entrance to the gift shop.

After a walk in Malahide and the beach area, we ate in town then returned to the B&B to enjoy this:

We had one day to spend in Ireland and headed out the next day to catch the bus into Dublin city center.


At the bus stop, a knitted neck warmer was retrieved from a freshly plowed field next to the bus stop.

Getting to Dublin city center, we headed down O’Connell Street to the Ha’penny bridge.

View from bridge.

On the arches were all kinds of locks people had placed to represent their everlasting love.

Street singers crossing the Ha’penny bridge singing and playing instruments.

An Irish breakfast: eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, tomato, mushrooms.

A bull terrier keeping an eye on traffic and people.

I saw the Book of Kells at Trinity University. This is the inner courtyard of the University.

Stopped here to eat dinner. Lamb, mashed potatoes and veggies. Delicious. Topped it off with a Bailey’s coffee then back to the B&B to pack.


6 thoughts on “Dublin daze

  1. Your Irish breakfast looks a lot like the “Full English Breakfast” except for having no baked beans. What a lovely trip you had! I’m so glad you shared it with us.

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