A short day and a quiz

In Bangor, we checked out this place.

I guess it would be “Onedollarfiftyeightland” here.

It was after lunch before we headed out to see Swallow Falls near Betwys y Coed since we missed it yesterday.

They weren’t as impressive as we were led to believe, but I did like the sound of roaring water.

People made wishes throwing coins off one platform. Can you see them?

The day was complete with a Quiz Night at the Douglas Arms pub in Bethesda. Our idea was to watch, but we ended up joining Sean who we had met at the Saturday market and his wife Denise on a team.

What fun! I didn’t know many answers, but the bantering and beer made for an entertaining evening. The quiz was 70 questions. The first 12 or so were on a handout and the rest were given by the moderator. Although many of the questions were culturally based, a number were about the world and U.S. We ended up 4th of an unknown number of teams (there was another room). Five teams were in our room. It was £2 to play and the money went to a charity.



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