Wool blankets, Neolithic burial chamber and the best scotch egg, ever!

Driving through Snowdon National Park to Betwys y Coed


You can see the patchwork of rock fences that crisscross the countryside of Wales.

We stopped for tea and indulged in a homemade scotch egg and scone at Ty Hyll, the so-called “Ugly House.” The tea and food (especially the egg) was magnificent.

This was our “tea.”

We split this meal: Scotch egg, potato salad, coleslaw, veggies and onion marmalade (delicious on the scotch egg).

A Scotch egg. Boiled egg, encased in sausage with a bread crumb crust and deep fat fried. Forgive the fuzziness, I was already salivating and it tasted as wonderfully as it looked.

Although legend has Ty Hyll being built in the 15th century, it was more likely built later in the mid-19th century when the A5 road was being laid out. Besides being a tearoom, Ty Hyll is being developed as a visitors’ center with a focus on the promotion and protection of Welsh honeybees. On the second floor is a wonderful bee life exhibit with video on colony life, static and interactive displays. The outside garden is very bee friendly and there are hives are set up further back in the woods.

We stopped in Betwys y Coed, a well-known tourist area to spend money and continue a search for Welsh-made 100 percent wool blankets. We picked up a few items, and while there were plenty of woven goods, none met what we were looking for, so we left to find Trefriw Woolen Mill.
In Llanrwst, on the way, we stopped at another tearoom. Shopping can be so exhausting and so can maneuvering one lane bridges.

On the other side of the one-track bridge was the Tu Hwnt i’r Bont tearoom. The building was built in 1480 as a private residence and has been a tearoom for 50 years.

We just had tea (but bought scones, gingerbread loaf and jam) and a lovely conversation with an English couple about Anglesey, our trip tomorrow. Got a great recommendation on a seafood place and urged to experience the second floor of Tu Hwnt. You are warned to “duck or grouse” for the ceiling is low and the beams lower.

Doorways are low and small, but the ceiling upstairs in the art gallery were vaulted.

Upstairs you have a view of the bridge.

Then it was off to find Trefriw Mills, which we missed and had to back track. It was worth the trip when my Kansas traveling companion found her wool blanket and I found this one.

Although it was getting late, I wanted to visit the Capel Garmon Neolithic burial site, back near Betwys y Coed. Getting there was interesting. Once we turned off the A road we ended up on a one-track road with high sides, very little room for 2 cars to pass. But our main traffic problem was dealing with three lambs in the road. They finally found space at a gate and we managed to crawl past.

To get to the burial site, we had to walk down a private drive past a very pungent cattle barn through two pastures to a site that was enclosed by wire fencing set in the middle of a sheep field.

The fence didn’t keep the lambs out.

The entrance. The top has been reinforced to keep it from collapsing. The chambers would have had stone roofs that would have been covered in grass. They have since collapsed and excavation have exposed the two chambers.


And it was back through the park to Rachub.

Once home, we sat down and ate the picnic we had packed. The doorbell rang and it was the TV police. Seems to have a television you have to be “licensed.” (We don’t have one.) He wanted to come in and check (showed a badge and all) and he was sent to talk to our host.

Next: Anglesey


4 thoughts on “Wool blankets, Neolithic burial chamber and the best scotch egg, ever!

  1. I am loving all the details of your visit.Your photos are great and the descriptions of the trip really add a lot. How I wish I could try one of those Scotch eggs with onion marmalade! I had a Scotch egg at the area Renaissance Fair once and it was really good. It sounds like you’re taking advantage of seeing all the sites and making every moment count!

    1. Thanks Janice! When you have waited 30 years for this to happen, yeah, you pack in a lot. Actually I don’t do a lot of planning, it just seems things happen. Today was a strange day. What we thought we were going to do didn’t happen. What we skipped yesterday, we did.

  2. Aren’t those Welsh blankets delightful? You certainly pack a lot into your days – just as well there are plenty of tea rooms to keep you fed and watered!

    1. The blanket is incredible. A great reminder of my visit. The tearooms were an unexpected delight. There are tearooms in my area of Texas (not many) that serve mostly baked goods, sandwiches and soups. The tea menu here seems to be heartier.

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