A restful day and a walk

After two good days of touring, we decided to take it easy. It rained most of the day, which wasn’t a problem, but the wind was. Although the temperature was the same as it had been, the wind drives the cold into your bones. A quick trip to Bethesda for groceries (including Hobnobs, beer and wine) and we were back to a cozy fire in the wood burning stove.

Rousing ourselves from our lethargy, we took a walk around the village.

See how dark the mountain is? That’s slate and the effect of mining for it. The slate is plentiful and you can see it in the rock walls that border the roads and define the pastures.

The clouds would move in low and then lift, but we didn’t get any rain while we were walking.


The graveyard around this church was full of slate headstones and were quite striking. Gates were locked for this was late evening.




The slats in the fence starting on the left are slate slabs.

The sun is getting a lower casting that golden glow as the shadows lengthen. I love this time of day.

The walk took us to Bethesda (the villages are quite close to each other). We realized why our landlady suggested we could walk there for our groceries (when I was still stunned from my first experience driving in Britain). Our reaction was “Walk? Really?” Little did we know how close it was or easy to get to.

After our walk, my Kansas traveling companion treated me to a childhood comfort food.

Sausage and potatoes fried, sautéed onions and an over-easy egg topped with cold baked beans. I have a new comfort food. The sausage wasn’t actually part of it, but we decided to add it and it was delicious. The sausage was from a Conwy butcher.

And so the day ends.


The possible plans: Betwys y Coed and Bodnant Gardens


4 thoughts on “A restful day and a walk

  1. I have my fingers crossed that you will have some better weather soon. At least now you know why we Brits always talk about the weather, we are always desperate for some warmth and sunshine. Have fun.

    1. The people in the area have said this is an unusual spring. I think the unexpected length of the rainy season has increased the desperation. A number of people have actually apologized for the weather, as if they had any control over it. All I know is that I’m having the time of my life and the rain is just part of it the experience.

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