It helps to do yoga when you’re dodging raindrops.

What better way to end a perfect day than with a slice of bara brith toasted and buttered, and a cup of tea?


The rainy, windy day called for soup and we needed food supplies. We stocked up at the small grocer in Bethesda and made soup with butter beans and veggies. Tiramisu for dessert (pre-made). A quick nap and off to a nearby village for yoga. The short drive was spectacular. At one point I had to wait for some cars to pass by before driving over a one-lane, rock-sided bridge over a swift-flowing river. The sun came out for a visit and green fields glistened, the rock walls looked freshly scrubbed. Then we saw these guys and had to stop for a photo.


So on to yoga at Memorial Hall.




View opposite the hall.


On to Snowdon tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “It helps to do yoga when you’re dodging raindrops.

    1. Rowse honey is “is a combination of U.K. And non-U.K. honeys.” I didn’t have my glasses on when I picked this. Rowe’s honey is from “much loved bees.”

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