No plan, but what a day!

This is what we woke up to. The wind had howled and the rain came down all night. But it had quit raining by the time we got moving and the sun came out while we were in Bangor.

We needed to get my money situation figured out, so we headed off to Bangor to find a bank. Discovered my bank card would work in an ATM and I had my own money.

Loved the weathervane on this building in Bangor.

We came upon Bangor Cathedral. I was impressed with the stone colors and the window. I found out later it is one of the earliest monastic settlements in all of the UK. Established by St Deiniol in 525, it’s been rebuilt several times and this incarnation is from after 1868.

On to Llanberis, where we toured the Slate Museum, saw a clip of the history (not very complimentary of the slate mine owners) and a demonstration of tile cutting and shaping.


You can see the exposed slate behind the building.
Part of the courtyard:


Heading back to home base, we got hopelessly lost in a loop trying to find the A5 out of Bangor (returning from Llanberis) trying to get back. Before we left Llanberis, I saw this:

It’s the remains of Dolbadarn, the castle of the Princes of Wales, Llwellyn the Great, who had united the Welsh in the 13th century. We didn’t have time to climb the hill and see it, but we’ll be back. The castle overlooks Llyn Padarn and here’s the scene to the back of the lake.

Once back, we decided to visit the local pub.

I decided to try cider and I had a buzz going on after a half pint. That was enough for me, which is a good thing since it was much easier going down to the pub than negotiating the steep roads back to the home base.

And the day ended.

Right after the sun dropped below the horizon, the rain started.


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