We’ve arrived! Creoso Cymru

Arrival to Holyhead Port


Coming in to Holyhead port, you can just see the South Stack Lighthouse. It sits on an island connected by a bridge to Anglesey. There are 400 stair steps to reach the bridge and the lighthouse.

I made it to Wales, but not without incident.

I almost missed my connecting flight in Chicago. The flight from San Antonio was delayed and my 1 hour 50 minute window was cut to an hour. I discovered time was desperately short when I lined up to go through the TSA checkpoint. A separate line was created for Aer Lingus and it became quicker and shorter. Nonetheless, I found myself sprinting to the gate. This was after an offer of a ride — but how far could gate 5 be from 10? Far enough to almost miss the flight. A flight attendant took pity on me as I gasped for breath and offered me a front seat, but I made my way to a very concerned friend.

We made our way by cab to the port to catch the ferry to Holyhead with the ex-Dublin tour guide, Eddie. Now just driving a cab, he asked us twice, “Why Wales?” Obviously, he thought Dublin a better choice.

If you look at the car’s trunk, right side, there’s a bit of pink. My small wallet with my credit card, cash card, drivers license and remaining euros stayed with the car until the second turn at the light, was run over and picked up by one of the port Garda (police) and returned to me. Credit and debit card no longer seem to swipe. At least they were returned. One of the guards said, “at least you won’t do that again.”

“I wouldn’t count on that,” was my reply. I did get two Irish hugs in the deal.

The zipper no longer works and neither do the cards.

We left the harbor on what felt like a mini cruise ship.


Lighthouse in Dublin Harbor taken from inside ferry.

Entering Holyhead Harbor

Ty Rowan in Rachub, population 700. It’s a beautiful day of warmth and sunshine.

Bethesda, about 2 miles south of Rachub. Notice the cars parked in the lane. This isn’t illegal. We even came up on a very large truck parked in the lane because the driver stopped for fish and chips from a shop on the opposite side. I didn’t have much trouble driving on the left side, but this unusual style of parking and the narrow roads were a cause of concern and anxiety. Signage is small. I’m having to slow way down. I got better on a second try heading for Bethesda to pick up supplies and dinner (at one point ended on the A55 heading to Conwy until I got turned around).
This was dinner. The obligatory fish and chips. Neither one of us are greasy food lovers and this probably not be repeated.


So after little sleep since 5 a.m Monday and despite the desire to cram as much as possible into a non typical Welsh day, it’s time to put a log on the fire and chill. Rain is expected tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “We’ve arrived! Creoso Cymru

  1. It’s a shame about your billfold, but glad you got it back anyway. I must have missed the part about who you’re traveling with and where you’re staying. Could you bring us up to speed? I want to hear lots more about your trip!

    1. I’m traveling with a friend from Kansas and this trip started as an idea almost 30 years ago. Don’t really know why Wales — it just stuck — so now I’m here. (I’ve always been intrigued by the Arthurian myths, the Celtic history and language.)

      Anyway, we’re staying in a self-catering (with kitchen) place in a small Welsh village. I’m trying to post daily while we are here, but at times may only be able to manage photos. I hope you enjoy them.

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