A free bagel and $15 parking

Traffic was amazing for Battle of Flowers parade day. I zipped right in to downtown an hour and a half earlier than usual. It’s the big Fiesta day. I was not fussed about paying $15 since the church that owned my regular lot was using it to raise money.

I had to have coffee. Hoofing it to the mall, which meant passing in front of the Alamo. There was mariachi music and I snapped a photo.

Focused on getting my coffee, I didn’t realize the mariachis were there to open one of the local morning shows. Hearing one of the female hosts welcoming viewers, I ducked and rushed to the other side.

It’s always a good day when you get a freebie. Apologizing for mixing up my order, the Starbucks employee gave me a second bagel, which I gave to a friend when I returned to the office.

The company gives us a half day holiday. We still have to get a paper out, but we get a half day holiday pay. A number of people take the full day off. One kind copyeditor organized a potluck. We may not make it out for gorditas.


Some people really get into the spirit of Fiesta: colorful earrings, shirts, hair ribbons. Others wear the unintentional bright confetti in their hair; the result of an enthusiastic crack of a cascarone over (and some on) someone’s head. As is happening here:

Michael is one who really gets into Fiesta. Here he is wearing one of his specially made Fiesta shirts (the criteria is that they are colorful, so he gets the material from the children’s fabrics). I love this one. It features the muppets. And here he is again with his entry in the Fiesta hat contest.

And he’s sporting another one of his Fiesta shirts. (Too bad I missed getting a shot so his turquoise shoes.)

I better get back to work.


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