I got my medal

What would Fiesta be without a medal or two? So I ended up with these two.

The one on the left was part of a silent auction, which I almost missed and this one was still available — no one had bid on it. On the right is the medal given out to the features department.

** Fiesta is 11 days of parties, parades and pomp in San Antonio. Traffic increases and parking scarce downtown. Although I don’t attend any events (not crazy about crowds), I do participate in collecting at least one medal each year, watching parts of the Battle of Flowers parade that passes by the offices, and braving the crowds searching for a gordita tent. (A gordita is a thick corn tortilla, deep fat fried, drained and filled with meat and cheese.) **

The medals can be quite artistic and almost always brightly colored. I got this one several years ago. It’s heavy. The bottom part is six inches deep.

They can also be quite elaborate. This one from another year actually came with a matching purple box embellished with a crown. The frame had a chihuahua (Order of the Small Canine, or something of that sort) that I replaced with one of Wiz, my cairn. It’s lost some of its bling, but the effort of the original maker is evident.

While events occur daily for the rest of Fiesta, I’m looking forward to the Battle of Flowers parade and a gordita on Friday.


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