Testing out the new camera

It was lunchtime and I went hunting for food. I realized I was carrying my new little compact camera. (I just couldn’t resist the 66% off price — what a deal.) Wanting to test it out, my hunt was going to include some picture-taking in the heart of San Antonio.

The Buckhorn is a well known tourist establishment. From its website: “For over 131 years, The Buckhorn Saloon has been known as a gathering place for good conversation, great food and spectacular wildlife exhibits. Today, the saloon houses a Café, Gift Shop, Shooting Gallery and our two museums, the Buckhorn Museum and the Texas Ranger Museum.”
I’ve walked by it many times but my interest this particular day was this in the doorway…

Cowboys. So they got a second look. Too bad their horses were parked somewhere else.

In the same area is the Texas shrine, The Alamo. I’m on the other side of Alamo street where this is…

This is a frame of where the outer walls were and where much of the battle took place until they were breached. They set between buildings and in front of the main entrance to the Riverwalk. And you can see they are quite a distance from the iconic chapel. (The last fighters were in the chapel.) It’s quite the commercial tourist area, which has come under fire lately by those who feel the Alamo deserves more reverence than having a street right through the center of the “real” compound and having a carnival atmosphere (which includes a Ripley’s across the street).

To one side of the Alamo is a federal building. I’ve always liked this impressive building and besides federal offices it houses a post office. The angled building is the Emily Morgan Hotel. It was built in1924 as an office building and its style is influenced by by Gothic revival. It was repurposed as a hotel in the 80s.

Two blocks down from the Emily Morgan and I’m almost back to work. But wait, across the newspaper offices is the Scottish Rite Cathedral. It’s an impressive building.

And a not-so-good detail shot of the main door …

Time to get back to my cubicle. Put the camera away and back to work.


2 thoughts on “Testing out the new camera

  1. The Buckhorn restaurant has a shooting gallery in it!? Really? I had no idea that there was so little of the actual Alamo left. What a shame.

    1. The Buckhorn is in Texas after all … Came across a photo in the newspaper archives that showed a car sales lot right in front of the Alamo chapel. Restoration didn’t really start until 1912. By that time San Antonio was growing up around it.


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