It’s for real.

My passport came today! I actually have my own passport. Last time I was this excited was when I saw my name in the phone ok. All by itself, my name on those white pages among all those other names and not a brother or parent’s name in sight.

I’ve had a passport before one where I was crowded in with the ever increasing number of brothers and then with a separate photo. But, all that was because of military travel. This is my own personal passport.

It’s also very red white and blue where my picture is. (I look like an angry chipmunk.) Very pretty and very patriotic.

So I called the Kansan to express my enthusiasm and to figure out how we wanted to deal with the second cancellation of a B&B in Dublin (the last two days of our trip).

Just after I made the second reservation, the Kansan called to tell me that in a conversation about the trip, her friend revealed that her husband’s family lived in Dublin and hinted we should get in touch with them. Then the reservation fell through.

I’m a firm believer in things happen for a reason. We’ve got time and options.


4 thoughts on “It’s for real.

  1. I had to let my passport expire a few years ago. I no longer had the money to travel and it wasn’t the expense to keep a passport up-to-date. I was sad about it though. On my last flight back from England, a fellow passenger from Jamaica told me that he couldn’t believe only 25% of Americans have passports. I told him that we have a very big country to travel around in and that we didn’t need a passport to travel to Mexico or Canada so it made sense.

    1. That was a good answer. I have spent most of my adult life traveling in the states and one trip to Chihuahua City, Mexico. I’d like to do more international traveling (Ireland and Scotland are high on my list).

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