The hardest part is over.

So I’ve paid for my flight and put a deposit down on self-catering accommodation. Then today I faced most painful step…the passport photo.


I had been regaled with stories of how horrible the photo is and the general opinion that the photo is always bad. (Funny, not one showed me an example.) I read through the instructions, before stopping at the CVS (pharmacy store). No smiling, or at least no showing of teeth. The samples on the document weren’t too bad.

When I got to CVS, I had time to glance around the store. It was logical that the photo would be taken in the photo areas, but there was no DPS-like (Department of Public Safety) station set up.

Upon my inquiry about passport photos, a nice woman said, “Oh, yes” and after grabbing a small digital led me over the the coolers. Knowing also from my prior research that the photo had to be taken with a white background, I said, “doesn’t my shot have to have a white background?” I didn’t think milk cartoons would quite meet the requirements.

She reached up and pulled down a white blind to cover the milk cartons — just like the ones used when we watched 8 mm family films eons ago. For some reason, this made me giggle. “Well, that’s ingenious.”

She said,”it’s simple,” laughed with me and after instructing me where to stand. The whole experience was relatively painless.

I look like a chipmunk in my photo. I had some hope it would turn out okay, since my driver’s license photos have really not been too bad — but then I can smile in those. It is what it is, and it’s over.

Tomorrow, the application with photo gets submitted.


4 thoughts on “The hardest part is over.

  1. Laughing….my daughter says you want your passport photo to look bad, because after traveling half way around the world and back, you can look weary. She just wants them to recognize her in customs. I guess that theory works, since she had traveled each year to “some very far off lands”

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