A Texan in Wales


This year is starting out with all sorts of changes and realized dreams.

After four years of unemployment, personal growth, part-time jobs, new skills, I’m back in a full-time job (same position I left). I’m back in the world of demanding deadlines and multitasking.

I’m also putting a set-aside dream into reality. The flight tickets are bought. Deposit laid down on accommodations. I am finally going to Wales, North Wales to be precise. And I’m taking a Kansas friend with me.

To reinforce my decision, I discovered I could get paid for a travel story! YAHOO!

I have Wales material in my travel folder dated from 1987 so it’s been in the back of my mind since then. At a New Year’s Day Open House in 2012, I met a woman who had a gorgeous horse pin on her sweater. The pin was bought in North Wales during a recent trip and a long travel conversation resulted – and resulted in firing up the old dream.

I decided not to put it aside anymore and with full-time employment, it was time.

I’m busy listing the specific things I want to do during Spring trip  are a few castles (mostly 13th century ruins), the train up Snowdon, Pistyll Rhaeadr and some of the neolithic sites on Anglesey. I’m sure the Kansan will have some ideas, other than that we intend to remain flexible and “go with the flow.”

Wales places2

I’m back listening to my Welsh language cds. Thank goodness, English is also the language for I’ll be happy to be able to handle simple Welsh greetings.

May can’t come soon enough.


10 thoughts on “A Texan in Wales

  1. What a thrill to actually visit all those ancient sites! I look forward to hearing about your visit in the spring.

  2. I hope you have a great trip!! I want to visit Wales. My (English) parents worked at the Portmeirion Hotel after they wed in 1953.

    Congrats on the job!

    1. Portmeirion – a touch of Italy in Wales. We’re staying in a place near Bethesda for our base and and probably will get to Portmeirion on our northwest trek.

      I’m still adjusting to being back in a 40-hour a week job – no more lazy mornings to sip my tea.

    1. Meggie! Thanks! 2013 (and the end of 2012) has brought a lot of changes. It’s quite exciting really. I’ve not been commenting a lot on the bloggers I follow (yours), but I have been keeping up.

  3. Be prepared to put up with some typical Welsh weather and you will have a spectacular and wonderful holiday! It is such a beautiful country, steeped in history. Many congratulations on the new job and I’ll enjoy hearing about your adventures.

    1. Thanks. I’m looking forward to the trip. It should be quite an adventure (particularly since I’ll be driving). Although I have created a list of places to see/things to do, there’s no itinerary — we’ll take each day as it comes.

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