It just takes one …

It was dark and I was headed back home after work. I also need gas and stopped at a busy station on the way.

Filled up and started the car to continue on my way. Chunka Cunka Click. Chunka Chunka Click.

“What the hay?” Granted I did leave the door open and the light on but it was not even 10 minutes and I paid at the pump.

I had discovered in another 2 similar incidents that if I wait 30-45 minutes, my Scion will start up. Not this time.

So I got out. Not much interest was shown by the people hurrying in and out of the station and store. I raised the hood and jiggled the battery connections (as if that would help) hoping someone would notice. No takers. Went into the store to see if someone could do a jump. NADA. SIGH.

So I went back to the car and called my insurance company for roadside help (it’s part of my policy). It was going to take an hour. So I settled in for the wait, then thought I needed to lift the hood so the service person would know where I was.

The man next to me who was just pulling out next to me asked if I need a jump.


“Not sure I have cables.” (Was he trying to get out of it?)

“I do.”

He had his cables. Backed his car up to the front of mine. (Did you know the Saturn – at least this model – had the battery in the trunk?) Hooked them up and my car started right up.

I had to say a quick thank you, because he was packed up and gone quickly. I’m sure he had a busy, long work day and was anxious to get home. I am grateful he took the moment to help me out and hope that when he might need help it is right there for him.

Have a great day.


2 thoughts on “It just takes one …

  1. The kindness of strangers not only gets you on your way but brightens your day! It’s nice that you got the help you needed without having to wait for an hour. I hope your benefactor left with a good feeling to brighten his day.

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