Rescuing bees

A honeybee crisscrossed my windshield as I left Sonic today. It reminded me of a bee encounter several days ago.

As usual, I had the porch door propped open to allow the dogs to go in and out. That way I just need to open the sliding glass door to let them in the house. Sometime after noon, I noticed I had three honeybees bumping the windows. Not wanting to kill them, I took a small tupperware lid with a little raw honey and enticed them on the lid so I could carry them out. Then I found two more in my bedroom and brought them out the same way.

Then two more showed up in the porch. (Or was it three?). Another lid and I was soon attracting more bees. The porch door was then shut. More bees showed up to join the honey feast.

The next day I was a bit smarter and when several bees were back bumping the windows in the porch, I just captured them in a wide-mouthed container and let them go. I didn’t want them communicating to their hive buddies about the human who puts out honey. The porch door was again closed.

I haven’t seen any lately and the porch door has been open.  The temperature has been consistently the same for the past week — warm. I’ve never had bees come in the porch — butterflies, crickets, june bugs, wasps, mud daubers, etc. yes — not honeybees. I do love when they visit my blooming pear cactus and the silverado sage. I would prefer they not move in — this is a single family home.


4 thoughts on “Rescuing bees

    1. Sorry about the response delay. I can’t take credit for the idea. Natalie from Knatolee’s World gave me the idea from one of her blog entries. It’s amazing what we can learn from one another.

  1. I love that you didn’t kill the bees but in fact gave them honey! And of course some or all of the first three bees went back to the hive and told all the other bees, by doing a “waggle dance”, exactly where they’d found a magnificent honey stash! Then the whole neighbourhood dropped in!

    Up here, I put out my empty supers for the bees to clean out. THey go CRAZY at this time of year if they find any honey. On the days I had the supers out (a considerable distance from my house!) I had bees flying around everywhere! There were also bumping up against the house, the doors, the windows, the garage… when they find honey in the fall, they just go into a frenzy (not a killer bee kind of frenzy, but a “where’s the honey? Where’s the honey?!!” kind of frenzy!)

    I love that you are kind to honeybees. The pics are great.

    1. Takes me so long to getting around to responding, sorry. I just hope the neighborhood of bees are not taking residence up in my house. Actually, your recent post on putting the supers out is what gave me the idea on getting the bees out of the house with raw honey on lids. (And yes I’m sure they issued an invitation to the rest of their neighbor hood to take advantage of the stash — the lids were pristine the next morning.)

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