A different trail …

Back to the Hill Country Natural Area today.

An easier part of the trail after a difficult downhill.

One of the toughest riding trails is 5 and 5C. In fact many of us don’t ride it, especially after a horse broke a leg on it and had to be put down on the trail about 5 or 6 years ago. The trail was closed for a long time, because there was no way to haul the horse out of there.

So we decided to hike trail 5. We were able to negotiate the trail but immediate agreed we would never take our horses on it. The downhill drop downs were deep and difficult to negotiate. Most of the difficult downhills and uphills were relieved by paths like above — easy trails that curved through the wooded area, often less rockier.

One of the easier downhills.

When we came out of one of the easier paths through the trees, this faced us (below). It looked worse than it was. (The sharp leaf clusters of the yucca plants are about waist height.) It turned out to be one of the easier uphills.

At the end of 5, we faced 5C (an even tougher trail) or trail 1 (a nice easy wide trail). Definitely 1  — it was time to take our thigh and knees home.


2 thoughts on “A different trail …

  1. That one trail looks absolutely murderous! How sad that a horse lost its life walking on it. BTW have you found out what that weird bug is?

    1. The trail did have some challenges, but it was interesting and the scenery was grand! And the weird bug is evidently a leaf-footed bug. I didn’t find a lot of information on it, but there is a lot of variety in the group.

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