Name this bug …

Any ideas on this bug? We were finishing up a walk in Government Canyon near San Antonio and it brrwwwwwrrppped by. It landed on a pole nearby and posed nicely as I brought my camera in close. It was a big sucker, almost 2 inches long.

UPDATE: Apparently it’s a leaf-footed bug, which is a broad category with a variety of colors and shapes of the back legs. The shape of the back of legs is the reason for the name and there a some where they really do look like leaves. This one is   specifically an Acanthocephala terminalis. Thanks to caleephotography for identifying it.


5 thoughts on “Name this bug …

  1. That is an awesome bug! I discovered that I don’t have a single book on insects–only moths and butterflies. I hope somebody can identify it for you!

    1. So far no one. I’ve done a web search and found one photo, but it was misnamed. Sort of looks like a stink bug in the body, but the rest doesn’t fit and it was huge!

    1. You are right although the specific species was a bit different. There’s quite a variety in in this group. Thanks so much for helping with the identification.

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