A test of patience and an unspoiled walk

After six hours I am FINALLY reconnected (to the Internet). It was a test of patience. Big phone/internet/TV corporation didn’t make it easy to connect my own router. (And I refused to pay the extra bucks for an approved router.) The customer service/troubleshooter even gave up on my problem, telling me to call the help desk (for a fee) or contact the router manufacturer.

After taking a breather, I figured it out on my own. It probably helped my sanity that I took a two-hour hike earlier in the day.

Known as a Kansas Gayfeather, Hairy Button-snakeroot, Blazingstar, Prairie Gayfeather, Kansas Blazingstar, Prairie Blazingstar

It’s amazing how a long nature hike in a light welcome drizzle revives the spirit. We intended to do a short walk, but as I was designated to make the trail decisions, we got delightfully lost.

And came upon this grove of live oaks.

All the trees were still very much alive, but bent to the ground in a perpetual bow. It was a bit eery.

I got us back to a trail and these white plumes caught my eye.

On closer inspection the plume are made up of itty bitty white daisies.

I don’t know what they are, but I was captured by how those tiny little flowers gathered together to create those wavy plumes of white — beauty in the detail.

Although I’m not making a point of it, I did take a fence photo for Friday’s Fences. The Natural Area is crisscrossed with barbwire fences left over from its ranch days. Many of them are like this one, covered by shrubs and trees. The fence disappears into the undergrowth offering shelter for the lizards, snakes, armadillos, deer and other wildlife.

This blog is probably going to contain a lot more hiking photos. I’ve decided to make a concentrated effort to get out in nature more often and there are a number of state parks in the area to visit on foot. A friend has decided to join me.

A couple of days ago on a sunnier, hotter day, it was a different experience in the Natural Area.

The bridge was where we were. We found a hikers path up to this vantage point.

My camera phone was getting hot and uncooperative, but it still give you an idea of one of the trails we were on.

So far the times we have been hiking we see few if any other hikers, riders or bicyclists. Walks like this make the tests of patience so insignificant.

Have a wonderful day.


4 thoughts on “A test of patience and an unspoiled walk

    1. It only was only that last hill. Neither one of us realized we had walked so far or that long. There is something about walking in nature that makes me lose track of distance and time.

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