Friday’s Fences

Although my blogging has been next to none since moving from Blogger, I did remember to get a fence photo. (Or rather it seemed to find me.) While I try to get a handle on what I want to do with this blog, this week’s fence is a different stone fence.

Road to the back 40 or 100

The rock wall certainly isn’t tall enough to keep anything in or out. There is a break in the fence where the ranch owner, a retired banker, just decided to get it closer to the road (probably more even terrain).

It’s not there to maintain “good neighbors,” since its location is on his property.

He just found a use for the innumerable rocks growing on his property. The Texas Hill Country is rocky with shallow topsoil in the lower areas and rocky scrabble on the hills. After about 12 years this low wall goes over the hill.

It’s a solid wall, carefully laid. The effort shows. I am certainly impressed.

Since the wall serves no other purpose than a place to put the rocks he clears there’s no reason to close up the gap as he moved to more level terrain.

He’s put a lot of effort into this wall. A solid wall with no other purpose than to create a pleasant scene to ride through on our way to the back part of the ranch.

I’m happy to join Jan and Jer in Friday’s Fences


8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fences

  1. Building a rock wall takes time and hard work. He should be commended for using the rocks for something aesthetically pleasing and permanent!
    (I just noticed that Janis, Janet and Janice have commented so far!)

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