Taking my eyes off the road …

Heading out to take care of a client’s cats, I came up to this part of the farm-to-market road.

FM 1283Notice how the road dips down? It goes to a bridge over a dry creek bridge. Getting to the bridge, I glanced to my right to see this.

dry creek bridgeSee the bridge in the distance. Here is a closer look.

Notice how the right side cuts off. It actually drops off. The actual bridge seems made of concrete while the road leading up is rock. It brings to mind times when roads weren’t paved and didn’t have to allow for more than a single horse and wagon. I stand on a road of two lanes with a generous shoulder on both sides. From this point, it would take me about a half hour to reach San Antonio – then 4-5 days, if not more. Here’s a closer look.

It’s a very narrow bridge. It’s also apparent it has not been in use for a very long time. I imagine it has been buffeted by floods over the years, but still stands. Dry creek beds like this exist all over the Texas landscape and during a substantial downpour can become a torrent of rushing, destructive water. Enough rain and it can go over the bridge I am standing on, which is well over 20 feet above the creek bed.

Same day, this made me take a second look (and a photo). The sign is outside a Texas handmade furniture store along the highway.

Got my attention.



6 thoughts on “Taking my eyes off the road …

  1. I was once in Albuquerque during a downpour and it was downright scary! I was shocked at the torrents of water running down the streets. I’m glad we have sewers to handle the runoff here in the north. That bridge to nowhere is interesting. I wonder if kids like to play on it.

    1. Interesting thought about kids playing on it. No houses nearby — may be on an existing ranch. When we get a good rain here, these dry creek bed become torrents. (I also like the name you gave it “bridge to nowhere.”)

  2. Janet, you have sharp eyes! That must be a strong and stout ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ – I like the name, too. No longer fit for purpose, but enjoying five minutes of fame in the world of blog. I loved the little glimpses of Texas.

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