Friday Fences

This landowner took advantage of the rocks that grow all over the area (just seems that way). The stones are all different sizes and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are all from the building site further up the lane. Shows a lot of work. The rock wall is pretty even and impressively long.

At intervals, the wall builder has left drainage holes at the base so water running down that hill has a place to go without damaging the wall. Most of the rock is limestone as this area was covered by sea water. It’s an area rich in fossils.

The owner has carried the rock design into the entrance. I do wonder if the owner has further places for the growth of the rock wall.

Barbarians, knights jousting, Indians, wine, yoga, Grandma Hoerner, more wine, reminiscing, more wine was just part of my trip to Kansas. More on that later…

I’m happy to join Jan and Jer in Friday’s Fences. Take a journey and check out the other fences.


6 thoughts on “Friday Fences

  1. That must be really hard work to lift and line up the stones so they stay in place! A well-built stone fence can last for hundreds of years, so I guess it’s worth it. Great fence “post”!

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