It’s all about getting away

For the first time in my somewhat long life, I got a pedicure. Always wanted one, just never wanted to spend the money on one. My Kansas friend set me up with an appointment and I could hardly say no. (My mother said to just say “thank you ” when offered a gift.) I’ve also learned to accept the opportunities/gifts that cross my path with grace. Without even a hint, my Kansas friend offered the opportunity to give me happy feet. She set up the appointment bevore I arrived and dropped me off at the appointed time.

I’m hooked! Not only did I get happy toes,

but happy feet and calves from the massage. I’m hooked! Next time I’m getting my art logo draw on my big toe. There is certainly space for it.

My friend is keeping me busy. I told her I just wanted to “experience her life” and she is taking me at my word. We’ve gone from house to house to take care of dogs and cats she is pet-sitting. I have also attended her yoga classes (2 so far). I don’t do yoga. Or didn’t. Much. First introduction was an open air, out at the lake session in 95 degree weather. Not comfortable. Sweated like horse in hard work. But at the end of the session, I got to see this:

The shades of green, the black, curving branches contrasted against the sky was breathtaking (and almost worth the sweat).


2 thoughts on “It’s all about getting away

  1. I’ve never had a pedicure or really had the desire to have one, but you make it sound really great! I’m so glad your friend treated you to one and that you enjoyed it so much.

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