Elvis is on the farm

Elvis, the miniature donkey

How cute is he?

I was at a client’s barn, working on her saddle horse and she has two of these. Both are trained to pull a cart. Elvis is the more vocal of the two. He complained when I took the stool away from his inquisitive mouth then complained again when I took the halter he pulled down out of his mouth.

Evidently he gets bored easily. Once out (on a halter) he was less mouthy. His brother looks exactly like him except a slight change in the markings on one knee and the shoulder stripe being just a little shorter on Elvis.

I was ready to sneak him in the back seat of my Scion. My client must have known this for she was always close by.

Elvis again

5 thoughts on “Elvis is on the farm

  1. Oh, he is a cute little guy! One winter I had three possums coming to snack on my patio. One had black ears so I named him Elvis. I bet that’s a common name for pets and animals!

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