New Home

I’ve moved here from Google. My blog there structurally changed and Google was no help. (Strange, it happened right after I posted a photo of myself and one of a giant red-headed centipede.)

It was a sudden move. It was a clean break. All I have left are my ideas. In killing out my account, my posts of the past year were eliminated. Unfortunately, I also left my followers and I hope they won’t mind following me here.

It’s a good thing. A start over. A better focus. At the very least, it’s a writing exercise. At best, it’s a peek at living in the Texas Hill Country from the perspective of a recovering workaholic who has learned to enjoy living life in the moment. And those moments are what I wish to share with you


7 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Hello Janet! I am delighted to have your new blog information. It just didn’t seem right without you. Oh, okay, I really missed you. I’m looking forward to your writing exercises!

  2. I wondered what happened to you! I’m sorry you lost all of your past posts. I have worried about the possibility of that happening.

    1. HA! if you google “giant red-headed centipede” and look at the images (checkout the one on the dollar bill), you might get shudder idea of my experience. Thanks for finding me, Nat.

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